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Your peace of mind matters most, especially when it comes to your bathing routine. If the thought of slips or falls in the bathroom has become a concern for you, our walk-in tubs offer a solution. Designed for seniors and those with limited mobility, our tubs provide easy access without compromising on comfort.


Plus, with accessories and add-on features, your walk-in tub has the potential to feel like an at-home spa! Shop our selection of products to discover what will work best for your home and mobility needs.

Walk-in Tubs

Our walk-in tubs come in a variety of designs and styles. We offer different types of walk-in tubs to accommodate people's unique mobility and bathroom spaces.


Our Phoenix model is a barrier-free shower designed for easy walk-in or roll-in access and can be fitted with grab bars.

Conversion Kits

Save yourself the money and hassle of installing a brand new bathtub. We carry kits that convert an existing bathtub into an accessible tub with a door or a cut-out for walk-in showers

Bathtub Lifts

For an added level of accessibility, shop our selection of bathtub lifts, carefully engineered to smoothly lower and raise you into and out of the bathtub.


We have everything you need to make your next bathing experience safe, convenient, and ultimately relaxing. Shop our selection of accessories.
Life Is Easier With
A Walk-In Tub

Equipped with low-entry designs and integrated seating options, you’ll no longer struggle to get into the tub. We carry different models available to suit your specific needs.

Our Line of Innovative Bathtubs & Showers

Whether you’re seeking a safer bathing solution for yourself or a loved one, you can have confidence in the quality of our products. Our walk-in tubs boast practical elements such as an outward-swinging door and an easy to use door-latching system. We’ve also integrated an automatic locking mechanism to provide added reassurance. Our models come in various shapes and sizes to integrate with your existing bathroom design and accommodate your specific mobility needs. Each model can be further customized with add-ons to offer a more relaxing experience.

Inward Swinging Door
Reclined Seating
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Narrow and Efficient
Extra Wide Seating
Deep and Compact
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Elevate Your Experience

Enjoy Our Bathtub Add-Ons For Extra Comfort

Elevate your bathing routine with our selection of add-on features, all designed for relaxation. Heated water jets, heated air massage, and microbubbles each offer a unique massage-like sensation with rejuvenating, skin-exfoliating benefits.


Looking to take your next bath even further? Learn more about our chromotherapy add-on that helps to harmonize your energy system through light therapy. Or, add on a water jet sanitizer to attain softer, cleaner, and healthier skin with the aid of natural ozone.


Want an extra layer of comfort? We also carry silicone cushions and other accessories that prioritize comfort. Speak to one of our dealers to learn how to customize your model so that it feels less like a regular tub and more like a jetted jacuzzi.

Quality Assured

We Offer the Best Warranty in the Industry

As a Canadian walk-in tub manufacturer headquartered in Lethbridge, Alberta, our products are built with premium components and are assembled in Canada and certified by the CSA. Our products also conform to ANSI, UL and IAPMO regulations.

We actively engage with voluntary standards associations as part of our ongoing commitment to quality and to help ensure peace of mind for our customers.


Our limited lifetime warranty covers manufacturer defects and includes all components, including doors, faucets, add-ons, and more. Upon purchasing your walk-in tub, online registration for the warranty is simple and straightforward.

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bathtub conversion kit

Everything You Need to Know About Walk-In Tubs

Investing in a walk-in tub is a step toward enhancing your bathing experience at home. We’re here to help you find the best solution for your specific needs!

Find The Right Fit

Our Walk-In Tubs Come In Various Sizes

We carry different models designed to adapt to various bathroom sizes and mobility preferences.

Try to visualize any potential obstacles in your bathroom, such as the toilet or counter. We can recommend a specific model and outward or inward swinging doors, depending on your layout. We also carry conversion kits to convert your existing tub if space is an issue.

With widths ranging from 26” to 35” and lengths ranging from 43” to 60”, our products vary in size and price because we believe the safety of a walk-in tub should be accessible to those who need it most.

Accessibility is Key

What Makes Our Tubs Safe & Comfortable

Founded in 1992, our company has been shaped by our founder’s firsthand experiences. Drawing inspiration from observing his father’s challenges in ensuring safety during bathing, we made it our mission to make security and comfort the cornerstone of our products.


With that background, it was important to us to develop products that meet the needs of individuals with limited mobility. Our intent is to accommodate your unique requirements while providing an added level of luxury.


Which features are you looking for? What options are you considering adding on? Do you want the tub door to swing in or out? Right or left? What size is your bathroom? What is your budget? Who will do the installation? As you consider these questions, we’re here to help you navigate the shopping experience and help you make an investment in your comfort and safety.

Installation Process

Measure Your Space

Before selecting your new tub, take measurements of your bathroom. It’s important that you know how much space you’re working with so you can select the right tub and an inward or outward swinging door as needed. 

Measure Your Space
Purchase Your Tub

Purchase your tub on our website or visit one of our dealers located near you. Our entire team is dedicated to helping you find the perfect walk-in bathtub for your needs and ensuring all your questions are answered. 

Purchase Your Tub
Arrange For Installation

One of our registered dealers can arrange for the installation of your new bathtub and the removal of your old one. Our tubs can be installed by any plumber and, depending on the existing layout, take one or two days to install. 

Arrange For Installation

Once your tub is installed, it’s time to relax! Simply step right in and wait only a few minutes while our high-flow taps fill the tub. When you’re done, it takes 90 seconds or less to drain the tub. We hope you enjoy!


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