4 Seniors Who Are in Ridiculously Good Shape

Senior in good shape lifting weights

We know how important regular exercise is for us, so that’s not what this is about.

This is an article to bookmark for those days when you need a little inspiration — when you’re considering postponing your workout for a few hours, or until the next day.

The thing is, we never regret doing a workout; we always feel better afterwards. Having said this, we’ve all had times when we let ourselves become a little lazy and need a reminder that working out is a privilege. Consistency is what will carry us through our golden years in peak health, so we’ve compiled four stories about seniors in good shape to inspire you today!

One final note before we begin: Everyone’s situation is different. Many people simply can’t do extraordinary workouts like the people we’ve found, and that’s okay. Work within your means and consult a physician before starting something new (see Myth #5!).

#1: Lawrence Dawson

He’s 80 years old, but he could probably kick your butt in a fight. He’s been a personal trainer for 17 years, and before that he was an Army Colonel. He believes that the whole body should be used, and used often — that every muscle should be involved and trained.

He’s soft spoken but his words are fierce. He’ll push you to your limits because he knows it’s worth it. So if you need a little encouragement today, just picture Lawrence’s 6’2″ lean physique working out beside you and absolutely crushing it.

#2: Ruth Bader Ginsburg

This 85-year-old not only has a workout regime named after her, there’s also a book about it! A feminist with a sound body and mind, she is Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

A very purposeful woman, she needs to know exactly why each part of her workout is beneficial. She therefore understands that as we age our bodies will decline, but we can fight the forces of aging with exercise. Take a note from RBG’s book and make time for your health!

#3: Hans Herold

This story is way more low profile, but super heart-warming. A group of regulars at a gym in Calgary threw a surprise 90th birthday party for their friend. They’ve proven that exercise isn’t just good physically and mentally, it can be part of your social life, too.

When it comes down to it, he put its simply. “It makes you feel better,” Hans Herold said. “There’s no question about it.”

#4: Christie Ciraulo

Then we look at a group of 50-plus women who swim like a force of nature. In fact, they recently swam the English channel, one of the most challenging open-water swims there is. To do this they had to battle currents that change every six hours, sea-sickness, extremely cold water, and unpredictable English weather.

So next time you’re debating calling off your workout because of rain or a little unpleasant weather, think about the Mighty Mermaids and Christie Ciraulo.

If that’s not enough to get you off the couch and into the gym (or trail, lake, track, mat, etc) then consider this: you know that you need to exercise each muscle in order to keep it strong. Well, your heart is a muscle, too.

As the muscle that’s responsible for keeping you alive at any point in time, we think that’s reason enough to give it some love today.

Now get out there!

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