5 Thoughtful Gift Ideas

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Oh yes, the season of giving has arrived like Rudolph in a whiteout: fast, cheerful, and a little out of control. While it’s still early December, lots of people already have their shopping done — but we can’t all be heroes! It’s getting late to come up with a thoughtful gift on your own, so we’re jumping aboard the sleigh to help. You were likely brought here for one of two reasons:

a) you don’t have gifts for everyone on your list yet, or

b) you’re tired of giving the same kinds of gifts every year.

Here comes the part that makes this gift guide different from all the others out there. These gifts show that you put significant thought and effort into the process. You didn’t just go out and buy a candle (but candles are still nice, they can really enhance your bathing experience!).

We just got through Black Friday, where the average Canadian spends almost $1000 each. Combine that with a society that loves having things so much that lots of us are borderline hoarders. Many people can agree that we have enough clutter in our houses already.

So this year, try giving an experience instead of an item! It can be something for you to do with the person receiving the gift, a solo adventure for them, or something they can share with a significant other.

Having said this, we’ve included one item in the list that’s handmade because anything crafted by hand is obviously a thoughtful gift.

Thoughtful Gifts We Can Get Behind

Here are five suggestions to consider if you want to give something a little different this year, or if you’re simply out of ideas!

#1: Tickets to a Theater Show

Concerts, plays, and musicals don’t get enough credit anymore! What happened to the days when we dressed up and went to watch a beautifully planned and executed piece of art unfold before our eyes?

The best part about going to the theater is that you get to experience these shows with so many people. The person you brought along is laughing and the stranger next to you is absolutely cracking up. The front row all have rosy checks from giggling. Then there’s the actors themselves, who undoubtedly feel the emotions portrayed the most. It can be a humbling and inspiring experience.

Look up the theater in your area and browse through the shows being performed in the new year. Buy two tickets so the person receiving the gift can either take yourself of someone else. Just make sure you tell them if it’s meant to be a fun get together for the two of you.

Bonus points if you wrap the tickets up in a homemade card!

#2: Sign Up for a Class Together

This one has so many options! Find out what’s available in your city and pick something that they will appreciate. In other words, don’t sign up for yoga if you’ve always wanted to try it but they already go twice a week. Make sure you’re looking for something for them, even though you’ll be attending.

Although we said, “class,” you might find more success looking for, “workshop.” It depends what you’re wanting to give; some classes run weekly for several months, while some are just a day long.

Here’s some fun options to look for: cooking class, yoga workshop, pottery class, swing dance lessons, wine making workshop, drawing workshop, painting workshop, or a decoration making workshop.

#3: Buy Them a Tour of a Local Establishment

Establishment here can mean anything from a brewery to a museum to a ghost walk in the city. Again, see what’s available in your area and find something that they’ll be interested in.

This gift idea is especially good for people who love to learn about history or how things are made. Throw in a little souvenir from the place if you still want them to have something to unwrap.

#4: Watch Live Music Together

Do you have similar taste in music?! Find live shows that are playing during the holiday break or shortly afterwards. You might even find a show that’s a little farther away but would work perfectly — that’s okay too.

Like we said before, buy the tickets and wrap them in a homemade card for a little extra magic!

#5: Make a Homemade Recipe Book

This is an adorable gift to give your kids or grandchildren. They already love your cooking, right?! Having these recipes written down in your own writing will be especially sentimental for years to come.

If you’re crafty, you can really get wild here. Look up tutorials for homemade notebooks and find one that suits your skill and creativity level. Here’s a simple one that would work well.

We hope these ideas have given you some inspiration for the holiday season! They take a little preparation, but you still have time! Even the notebook can be made fairly quickly. Let us know in the comments if you’ve gifted any of these ideas!

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