5 Benefits of Yoga for Seniors

Senior man and woman doing yoga and stretching for exercise

Yoga is one of the most popular forms of exercise out there and can be of great benefit to all age groups, including seniors. Actually, especially seniors!

Yoga presents some unique benefits for seniors that can have a profound affect on both physical and mental health.

So let’s take a look at five reasons the elderly might want to give yoga a try.

Yoga Improves Balance and Stability

There are many yoga poses that focus on balance and stability. Both of these things are of increasing importance as we age. Falls are a common issue among seniors, and strengthening your muscles and improving your balance are two ways to prevent falls from happening. Having increased strength and stability also assists in the healing process, should a fall occur.

Yoga Improves Flexibility and Joint Health

Flexibility exercises are great for achy or stiff joints. The low impact movements in yoga loosen and tone muscles to help prevent injury. In fact, yoga has been proven to help with the side effects of osteoarthritis and other joint and mobility conditions.

Yoga Reduces Anxiety

Yoga classes are calming and restorative, and relax your body and mind. When practiced regularly, yoga can greatly improve mental health by bringing a soothing calmness to your mind. A decrease in anxiety is a benefit to us all!

Yoga Encourages Mindfulness

When practicing yoga, you become mindful of your body, your thoughts, and your emotions. Establishing a connection with your environment, community, and the world is important for the aging population. Aging is a time of significant changes, and staying grounded can assist in making the process easier.

Yoga Improves Respiration

As we age, our bodies become less tolerant of physical exertion. Any exercise that reduces oxygen in your respiratory system can negatively affect your mind and body. Good breathing is crucial to the health of your mind and body, and yoga places a lot of emphasis on your breathing.

If you haven’t considered trying yoga yet, try out a class! All movements can be modified to suit your ability. Or find a video on YouTube and follow along at home. See what yoga could do for you!

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