Cruise vs Coach Trip: What’s Best For You?

cruise vs. coach

There comes a time when we realize the type of travel we did in our youth isn’t as attainable anymore. Perhaps you did some backpacking or left some of the planning to chance. If this is still your style, have at it! Though for many of us, we can relax a little more knowing someone else has taken care of practically everything

It might surprise you, but we’ve just opened up a lot of options! Two excellent ways to travel after retirement are cruises and escorted touring. So how do you choose between the two?

We’ve outlined the best parts about each style so you can pick the one that suits you.

Why Take a Cruise

If you haven’t had much experience with cruising there is plenty to learn! Many people assume cruising is just large ships moving from Caribbean island to island, but the cruise industry has been growing by leaps and bounds. There are now endless options for small ship itineraries, as well as the larger ones.

The highlights:

  • Cruises spend lots of time in interesting ports. This makes your stateroom much more of a hotel that you return to each day.
  • Since you can return to this room, you have no daily packing and unpacking!
  • You get the opportunity to see a variety of locations. 
  • Elevators eliminate the need to worry about stairs and attentive porters assist with wheelchairs. 
  • Meals are delicious and chefs cater to food allergies and aversions. 

On a river cruise you’ll enjoy the beautiful scenery on either side as your small ship glides down the banks. When you dock, you’ll be right in the heart of charming cities like the French city of Avignon, or Vienna, Austria.

Why Take a Coach

For more in-depth country exploring, escorted tours are a great way to travel. 

The highlights:

  • Staff members bring your luggage from the coach directly to your hotel room, so all you have to do is navigate a couple steps.  
  • A driver and guide show you everything along the way. If you’ve ever driven yourself on trips, you likely missed some sights while your eyes were focused on the road.
  • Excursions are often included with the package and arrangements can be made for modifications if you have any physical limitations.  
  • Everything is looked after, from comfortable hotels to delicious meals.  
  • A host always comes along to make sure guests are comfortable and well looked after.

Sometimes the culture of a place shows itself through its architecture and accommodations. On a coach tour, you stay in many different hotels and can experience the cultural differences yourself. Whether it’s England’s dramatic wallpaper, Victorian stairwells, or pub life downstairs, you can count on a story to tell from each room. 

The Main Differences

Cruises are often seen as a luxurious way to travel; and prices can reflect this. They can bring you to a variety of amazing sights, too. On the other hand, coach tours immerse you in the culture of your dream destination. So one question to ask yourself is: Would you rather see lots of different sights or immerse yourself in a culture and learn about their way of life?

There are lots of options for easy travelling; cruising and coach tours both offer the ability to continue to enjoy learning more about new places.

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