Smoothie Bowls: Not Just a Millennial Fad

fun breakfast idea for seniors to try

Have you heard about the latest nutrition fad among young people? They’re called smoothie bowls! And they look and taste as delicious as they are good for you.

If you look up #smoothiebowl on Instagram in the search menu, you’ll see 2,056,133 posts (as of the time of writing). 

They’re obviously popular. But why are we seeing this switch from regular smoothies to smoothie bowls? Fitness coaches and athletes are raving about them. Are they just a fad for millennials to post about on Instagram, or can seniors get behind this idea, too? 

Have a look at this Instagram post.

When you look at a smoothie bowl, it’s obvious what makes them different from the ordinary smoothie: They’re just plain fun!

They Have a Fun Factor

As much as we’re told not to play with our food as children, somehow the habit has come back like Tiger Woods in the 2019 Masters. People are clearly spending a lot of time and effort just decorating these bowls before they eat them!

There are countless possibilities. You can play with the colour of the smoothie, and the consistency, not to mention the flavours. Try different frozen fruits to sweeten it up, or add some super foods to get their numerous health benefits. Then decorate the top with simple patterns!

Food is more fun to eat when it’s beautiful.

Don’t Forget the Nutritional Perks

You can’t deny the health benefits of this new food fad. Smoothie bowls have all the nutrition of a regular smoothie, plus all the bonus snacks you use to decorate the top. They make a fantastic breakfast item or evening snack and you get tons of essential nutrients.

This is a snack that looks and tastes like a treat but fuels your body the healthy way.

There Are Big Benefits for Seniors

First of all, when you’ve lived 60+ years, preparing meals has long lost its appeal and is just another task that has to be done like folding laundry. But making a smoothie bowl is a fun way to get excited about food again!

You can decorate the top with anything you like: bananas, blueberries, oats, chia seeds, or any favourite snack item.

Another benefit to seniors is how easy it becomes to get the right nutrients in your diet. You can hide greens in there like spinach or kale, throw in some peanut butter, or sprinkle in seeds. If you still need convincing, check out this list of benefits.

Plus, given the consistency of smoothies, you don’t need to worry about chewing hard foods if that’s a challenge for you, as it can be for some seniors. Keep the toppings to things that you’re familiar with if this important to you. 

If you’re looking for a new breakfast, afternoon treat, evening snack, or even dessert, or you’re looking for new ways to eat healthier, try out a smoothie bowl; and don’t forget to send a picture of your masterpiece to the grand kids!

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