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Get In and Out of the Bath With Ease

Have you ever had trouble climbing into a hot bath? High tub walls can make lifting your legs painful, inconvenient, or just plain difficult.

Our walk-in bathtubs make bathing more accessible for seniors and people with limited mobility. We manufacture tubs that have doors for easy entry and exit and deliver them to customers like you in Fredericton.

Safety Bath makes bathtubs, showers, and conversion kits that help you bathe safer at home. With our tubs, you can gain back some of the independence that’s lost when mobility dwindles.

How Our Walk-in Tubs Make Your Bathing Experience Better

We have seven different walk-in tub designs available for the Fredericton area as well as a barrier-free shower and tub conversion kits. With all these options, there’s a solution for every bathroom and any budget

Then there’s the add-ons. You can add options like heated water jets, a folding shower wall, and more. These add-ons are sure to make you more excited for your routine baths.

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Why Choose a Safety Bath Walk-in Tub

We’re proud of the high quality tubs we manufacture. That’s why every walk-in tub comes with a limited lifetime warranty that covers manufacture defects, door seals, faucets, and a five-year warranty on jetting components.

Not only this, we’ve designed unique, outward-swinging doors that give you more room to get in and out of the tub. This way, you don’t need to maneuver your legs awkwardly inside the tub to make room for the door. Our doors will never leak with their aluminum frame and automatic-locking latch.

Plus, we’re proud to be Canadian. We use locally-sourced components where we can, and every tub ships from our Canadian facility. We have sold hundreds of accessible bathtubs to customers across British Columbia who are loving easier and more enjoyable bathing in a tub that will last for decades.


All our products are displayed on our website so you can shop at your own pace. You can also request a catalogue to compare the finer details more easily.

For any questions or advice on which model suits you, call Rory at 1-877-826-6666 or email [email protected]. Once you’ve decided which model you’d like to bring into your home, simply request a quote through our website or by phone and Rory will take it from there!

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