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Walk-in Tubs, Barrier-Free Showers, and Bathtub Conversion Kits

Canadian Walk-In Tubs That Offer The Best Accessibility and a Lifetime Warranty.

Walk-in Tubs Make Bathing Easier

Our walk-in tubs are ideal for anyone who needs increased accessibility to make their bathing experience safer. We serve many seniors and elderly customers as well as people who are living with physical disabilities or mobility challenges.


Turn Your Bath Into a Spa With Add-ons

We often hear happy customers saying their bath feels like a personal spa. Any combination of the add-ons below can give you the same feeling.

See Our Walk-in Tubs In Person

If you’d like to see our tubs for yourself, there might be a dealer near you that can help. They’re all very knowledgeable and can answer any questions you have. 

Many dealers can also recommend a local installer for your walk-in tub, getting you into your new tub faster.

If you’d like to buy a walk-in tub directly from us, simply request a quote and we’ll follow up right away.

Safety Bath Leads the Industry in Quality Components

We truly care about the people who use our products. Our company began manufacturing walk-in tubs after our founder noticed that his father was risking his own safety while bathing at home. 


We understand that our products are often being purchased out of concern for loved ones to help them avoid slips and falls. People also shop our walk-in tubs for their own personal safety which is equally important. 

With this background, we’ve developed game-changing walk-in tub components like our innovative outward-swinging door and our leak-proof door latching system.

walk in bathtub aluminum door system 2

We also designed an auto-locking mechanism to make the door leak-proof. 


We’re a Canadian walk-in tub manufacturer based in Lethbridge, Alberta that offers quality products with a limited lifetime warranty.

  • Quality components
  • Innovative designs for accessibility
  • Built from a family’s experience
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • Assembled in Canada
  • Shipping is included when you buy direct

We Offer the Best Possible Warranty

We trust the quality components that our products are made from. We cover manufacturer defects and all components, including the doors, faucets, add-ons, and more. Once you’ve bought your tub you can register its warranty online.

Inspected and Tested for Safety

We hold our products to a high standard. We comply with all the necessary codes and standards needed to sell our products and we’re involved in voluntary standards associations, additionally.


See the Inspiration Behind Our Tub Designs

All of our tubs make getting in and out of the bath easier; but some were designed for specific needs that may fit your situation perfectly.

Looking for a spacious tub?
For people who’d like a wider tub for more comfort, we designed several models to choose from. Our widest tub is the Grandeur, at 35” wide. It can be fully equipped with all our add-ons for a luxurious, relaxing, and accessible bath. The So-Lo is our second-widest model, at 31” wide (but can’t be equipped with add-ons), then the Panama, Oasis, and Zen are all 29” wide.
Looking for a space-saving tub?
Don’t let a small bathroom stop you from getting the best walk-in tub available. If your bathroom limits the length of tub you can get, consider the Zen— it’s just 43” long (compared to a standard tub which is around 60” long). If you need a narrow tub to fit your bathroom, consider the Rio— it’s 26” wide (compared to a standard tub which is around 30” wide).
Looking to fully recline in the tub?
If you like to lie down in the bath, consider our Oasis. It’s 60” long and can be equipped with all our add-ons for ultimate relaxation. It’s a great option for taller individuals. Another option is the So-Lo at 59.5” long, although you can’t get our popular add-ons with this model.
Looking for an affordable option?
If you’re looking for something affordable that still lets you bathe easily and safely, have a look at our So-Lo model, as well as our conversion kits. We also offer the Fairmount, which is a perfect combination of luxury and affordability when compared to our other models.

A Handy Tip: go into your bathroom and visualize the door of your new walk-in tub opening and closing. Are there any obstacles in the way, like the toilet or the counter? If there are, don’t worry— the Fairmont and So-Lo both have inward swinging doors to avoid this problem. 

Our outward-swinging doors are also shaped to avoid these objects, so talk to us or your local dealer to figure out the exact dimensions that work for your space.

Learn Everything You Need to Know Before Buying an Accessible Bathtub

Buying a walk-in tub is a major investment.


If you’re like most people, you’ve never really thought about buying one until it became a need. 


Which features does your walk-in tub need? What options should you consider adding on? Do you want the tub door to swing in or out? Right or left? What size tub should you get? How much will it cost? Who will do the installation?


We’re here to help.


We’ve compiled a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about buying a bathtub with a door for seniors or handicapped bathers.


With all of this information in hand, you’ll feel confident in selecting the right tub.

We understand that you have specific needs and preferences. One tub won’t suit everyone. So each one of our walk-in tubs was designed with a different user in mind. 


With seven models to choose from, we wanted to make your decision a little easier by putting all our walk-in tubs side-by-side. Now you can quickly compare features to decide which tub is best for you!

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