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7 Different
Walk-in Bathtubs
to Choose From

Our Industry-Leading Tub Lineup

With a traditional inward-swinging door, the Fairmount is our more economical choice among walk-in tubs. It was designed to fit anywhere a traditional 5’ tub can, making it practical for many bathroom designs. 

This tub has all our standard features and can have any of our options added on.

The Panama is the first tub with our innovative outward-swinging door, which makes it easier to get into and out of the bath. Plus, it has a wider door opening than other models which also helps accessibility.

In addition to all of our included standard features, it can also be equipped with any of our options.

Similar to the Panama, the Grandeur also has a wide door opening but it’s larger, overall. This model is our widest walk-in bathtub at 35”-wide compared to the Panama’s 29”. Also known as our bariatric tub, it was designed for larger individuals or anyone who just wants a bit more room.

It has all our standard features and can have with any of our options as well.

The Oasis is our longest tub and is great for taller people or anyone who wants to recline into deeper water. If you like to lie down and fully relax into neck-deep water, this is a great option.

It has all our standard features and all add-ons options are available.

The Rio is great for small bathrooms with it’s 26″-wide design. It has a smaller footprint than other models and can fit through narrow doorways. Unlike other compact models, it has an outward-swinging door to make entry and exit as easy as possible.

It comes equipped with all our standard features, and can also have any of our options added on.

A Japanese soaking tub with an outward-swinging door, the Zen is taller than other models yet takes up less space, lengthwise. It can replace a normal 48″ tub but with a smaller footprint and much taller walls. The upright design also means it uses less water than other models.

All regular add-ons are available for this model and it comes with all our standard features.

The So-Lo is an economical, standard bathtub with a door that allows the user to walk in, without having to step over the side. It’s the most familiar looking tub when compared to traditional bathtubs.

It has less features and options than other models, but fits in more budgets and still solves the issue of having to step over a tall tub edge, making bathing safer for anyone with mobility issues.

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