What Does a Walk-in Tub Cost?

Here's What Goes Into the Price of a Walk-in Bath Tub


When you’re looking to buy a walk-in tub for your home, you’ll want to know a price range for the products you’re looking at.

The thing is, there’s a wide range of prices, depending on what you want.

We could tell you that walk-in tubs can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars up to $10,000 or more; but that wouldn’t be very helpful.

The best way to get an accurate price is to request a quote because it lets you tell us exactly what you want and need.

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walk in tubs
walk in tubs
Chromatherapy lights that can be installed in walk-in bathtubs.

We don’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution — we customize each bathtub to individual needs. This includes which model you choose, the options you’d like, which side you need the drain on, and any panels you’ll need.

This way, you won’t over-pay for things you’ll never use.

We consider all these decisions when creating your quote, as well as what it would cost to ship your purchase to you. 

You can read through the sections below for more detail on each component of your tub.

We Have Seven Models to Choose From

Each model is designed for a different need. For example, some are smaller to suit smaller bathrooms, while some are wider for extra comfort. Consider what you need in a tub and browse all our options to find your best fit. 

We’ve included starting prices in our table to help you narrow down your options. Keep in mind that installation price is not included as we are manufacturers, not installers.

Safety Walk-in Bath Tubs
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Model OverviewDimensionsStarting From
The FairmountAn economical choice with an inward-swinging door.51 ¼” L x 29 ¾” W x 37 ½”H$4,305.00
The PanamaFeatures our innovative outward-swinging door and 32″ opening for easier access.51” L x 29” W x 37” H$6,613.00
The GrandeurOur widest bathtub. Features our outward-swinging door and 32″ opening. Comes standard with Warm Air Jets.53” L x 35” W x 37” H$7,655.00
The OasisOur longest tub; great for taller people or anyone who wants to fully lay down. Comes standard with Warm Air Jets.60” L x 29” W x 39” H$7,655.00
The RioFits through narrow doorways with its small, 26”-wide footprint.51" L x 26" W x 37" H$6,295.00
The ZenTaller than other tubs and has an outward-swinging door.43” L x 29” W x 43” H$5,995.00
The So-LoA standard, economical  tub with a door.59.5” L x 31” W x 21.5” H$2,422.00

Popular Bathtub Add-Ons

Get ready for ultimate relaxation. You can get several different add-ons for your tub that completely transform your bathing experience.

These extras turn a normal bath into a thing of serious luxury. Not everyone wants the same add-ons, though, so you get to choose the ones that benefit you most and we add only that price onto your quote. Here’s a quick description of each add-on.

Did you know you can get that spa-like, water jet feeling in your own bathtub?
Some companies can even customize the position of your jets to hit just the right spot on the bather’s back.
The jets give a deep, powerful massage to relax everyday tension in muscles. They can even provide natural pain relief from arthritis.
This option is also great for soothing muscles after a workout, intensive training, or muscular injury.
When muscles get this treatment often, they stay more supple, and the user’s quality of sleep may even improve.

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What could be more fun than underwater, coloured lights in your bathtub?!
Although it just sounds like a neat option, chromatherapy actually engages with the energy centres of the body to create a soothing experience.
An adaptation of ancient practices, these lights each have individual speeds, wavelengths, and rhythms.

A natural sanitizer, ozone is a 100% safe, natural chemical compound.
This bathtub option attaches an ozone generator to the air supply of the whirlpool jets, which purifies the water that enters.
This means skin becomes softer, cleaner, and healthier; and yes, we do mean healthier!
The O3 water jet sanitizer can improve the user’s immune system, deactivate bacteria and fungi, and treat circulatory issues.

This is another option that gives you a massage while you relax in the bath.
The heated water jets that we mentioned before massage your body with warm water, whereas this option gives you a massage with warm air.
Keep this in mind when you’re choosing your add-ons, as they’re easily confused.
The biggest difference is that the jets will give a more powerful, deep massage, while the warm air is more for relaxation and pain relief related to arthritis, osteoarthritis, rheumatism, and other health issues.

Aromatherapy is a holistic healing treatment that uses aromatic oils to enhance physical and emotional health.
Like chromatherapy, it’s another ancient practice that’s been adapted to enhance the bathing experience.
Smell is the sense that connects most closely to our memories and emotions, so depending on your own life and memories, essential oils can bring you to a whole new place in your mind. 
The option involves a sleek, silver, circular piece where you add drops of your favourite essential oil; the system then circulates the scent around the bather.

Which Panels Do You Need?

Panels are used to complete the look of your tub, and there’s a few scenarios where they’re needed.

If you want a free-standing tub in the middle of your bathroom, you can certainly have it. You’ll simply need an end panel to close off the part that would otherwise be covered by a wall.

Walk-in Bath Tub With Shower Panels

Or if your new tub is smaller than your old tub, there may be an empty space left in your tub nook. This is where a filler panel comes in. A filler panel is a piece that extends the length of the tub to fill a bathroom’s original tub nook.

Left or Right Drain?

We’ll need to know which side of the tub you need your drain on. This decision is made by the plumbing in your bathroom, as we can’t fit a right-handed tub to a left-handed set up. 

To determine which type of drain you need, stand in front of your current tub or shower as if you’re about to get in. If the drain is to your right, you need a right-handed drain. If your drain is to the left, you need a left-handed drain.

Close Up Of Example Drain


We ship walk-in bathtubs, conversion kits, and barrier-free showers all over the world.

We’re based in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, so we need to know your address in order to calculate the shipping cost to get your purchase to you. 

Best of luck in your search for the right walk-in tub, barrier-free shower, or conversion kit for you. We hope you found this guide helpful!

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