4 Benefits of Barrier-Free Showers For the Elderly

bathroom with walk-in shower with no threshold to benefit seniors

Aging often brings with it a lot of difficulties. Things that were once ordinary tasks can become real challenges for the elderly. One of these challenges is showering and bathing. Frequent bathing is important for cleanliness, skin health, and pain relief, but can be really difficult for those with mobility and strength issues.

Barrier-free showers help with this problem. These showers don’t have a high edge to step over, making them much more convenient for those who have difficulty lifting their feet up and over the threshold. But they are helpful for more than that reason. Here are a few other benefits of installing a barrier-free shower:

#1: Barrier-Free Showers are More Accessible

As already mentioned, the fact that there is no curb in these showers to step over makes them much more accessible to the elderly, but also to children as well. It eliminates a common tripping hazard, making showering much safer. It’s often possible to even wheel a walker or wheelchair right into the shower with the zero-threshold entrance.

Barrier-free showers commonly include more grab handles than regular showers too. With sturdy grab bars always within reach, mobility-limited individuals can feel stable and confident.

#2: Cleaning a Barrier-Free Shower is Easier

A normal shower demands greater effort when it has to be cleaned. A barrier-free shower is easier to scrub squeaky clean because they have fewer joints and seams. This means there are less places for soapy residue and mildew to build up. If the elderly are living independently, these benefits may allow them to stay on top of the cleaning themselves.

#3: A Walk-in Shower Has No Door

In addition to the no-threshold entrance, these types of showers also don’t have doors. The lack of a door to push or slide open is really important for elderly and handicapped folks who would struggle with one. The effort that bathers need to expend in opening the door and holding them is eliminated, making it more possible to take on this task independently again. Every little opportunity to remove a barrier helps!

#4: No-Threshold Showers Come With Handy Features

Barrier-free showers can often come with many customizable features. You can choose permanent or temporary shower seats, grab bars, non-slip floors, shelving, choice of colours and materials, etc. While some of these options are just nice to be able to choose for a shower that looks great in your bathroom, others really aid in safety and security. A solid surface to sit on, strong handles, grippy floors, and smartly located shelves can go a long way to make a shower a solo task once again.

The once-simple task of showering can become a real challenge for those with strength or mobility struggles. But a walk-in shower can address a lot of those challenges, possibly enabling an individual to reclaim some independence in their daily routine. These benefits can measurably improve quality of life!

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