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There’s nothing more relaxing than climbing into a hot bath after a long day. We manufacture products that make that serene experience a reality for everyone, regardless of mobility or accessibility challenges. We have seven different models of walk-in tubs in Winnipeg as well as conversion kits and a barrier-free shower model to accommodate different needs, preferences, and bathroom sizes. If you or a loved one is struggling, our tubs can help you regain the independence that’s lost when mobility challenges arise.


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Safe Tubs Make Baths Relaxing

We take pride in the quality of our tubs, certified by the CSA and designed to meet industry standards like ANSI, UL, and IAPMO. Our tubs come with a limited lifetime warranty that covers manufacture defects, door seals, and faucets. We also offer a five-year warranty on jetting components. After purchasing your tub, it’s easy to register your product for the warranty online.


All of our tubs come equipped with innovative features that enhance the walk-in tub experience. Our team can provide insights into the advantages of our tubs, such as our 2″ quick drain, rapid-fill faucets, heated seat options, and our unique outward-swinging door, which offers greater ease when entering and exiting the tub.

Exceptional Support

We provide comprehensive assistance to help you make informed decisions and tailor your bathing experience to your unique needs.


Talk to your local dealer of walk-in tubs in Winnipeg about installation. They can connect you with an installer who will be able to complete the job in less than a day.

Assembled in Canada

We’re proud to be Canadian. We use locally-sourced components where we can, and every tub is assembled with care at our Canadian facility.

Luxurious Add Ons

You can customize most of our tubs with options like heated water jets, warm air jets, and more. They make your bath a thing of luxury that you will look forward to everyday.
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As a Canadian manufacturer of luxurious walk-in tubs, we’re dedicated to providing you with assistance and information about our products. Our team is here to guide you, whether you want to visit a nearby dealer to experience our tubs in person or explore our comprehensive catalogue online. Invest in your well-being with a new tub from Safety Bath Walk-In Tubs today!

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