Bathtub Conversion Kits

Safe. Affordable. Convenient.

Walk-In Tubs Made Easy

Bathtub conversion kits are a convenient solution to elevate your bathroom’s functionality without requiring extensive renovations or a complete bathtub replacement.

Easy to Install

No Major Renovations Required

Conversion kits include an insert that allows for easier entry and exit and a sealing system to prevent water leakage. These kits are intended to retrofit an existing bathtub, adding the unique benefits of a walk-in tub.


Conversion kits are designed to be DIY and user-friendly. You can enlist the help of a handy family member or a friend, and the job will take no more than a few hours. Alternatively, you can speak with your local dealer about arranging the installation.


If you have any questions or need additional guidance, our knowledgeable team is always available to provide support and advice. A more accessible bathtub is within reach!

We're Invested
In Your Safety

Make the change to a walk-in tub and see for yourself what Safety Bath Walk-In Tubs can offer you and your family.

bathtub conversion kit

Convert Your Bathtub Into a Walk-In Tub or Shower

Door Insert Kits

A door insert kit gives you the opportunity to convert your current standard bathtub into a walk-in bathtub with minimal disruption, taking only a few hours to install. This transformation is achieved without the need for extensive renovations or adjustments to your plumbing. With a variety of options available, these kits can accommodate most sizes of tubs.


Conversion kits are ideal for individuals with limited mobility and are designed to make it easier to step in and out of the bathtub. A door conversion kit lowers the step-in height of the tub and the water-tight door makes it possible to enjoy a relaxing bath.


For added accessibility, a transfer bench or shower seat can be added to the tub, removing the need to lower oneself all the way into the tub.

Available in
Multiple Sizes

We have different sizes of doors that will fit most bathtubs and bathroom layouts. Options are available for left and right swinging doors.

Installs in a
Few Hours

Door insert kits can be installed in a single day, with simple DIY instructions or with the help of a professional.


We offer a limited lifetime warranty on all of our products. When you purchase a door conversion kit, you can easily register it online to activate your warranty and protect your purchase.

Pairs With
Transfer Bench

A transfer bench allows you to add a seat to your existing bathtub, removing the need to lower oneself to the floor of the tub.

Converts Your
Existing Tub

Our shower insert kits are available in a variety of sizes to fit your existing bathtub.

No Stepping

Shower insert kits convert your existing bathtub into an accessible walk-in-shower, allowing you to enjoy a shower without having to step over the side of your tub wall.


Take advantage of our limited lifetime warranty by registering your shower conversion kit on our website.

Quick to

Convert your existing bathtub into an accessible shower in a matter of hours! Our kits make installation easy and seamless with no need to renovate your entire bathroom.

Shower Kits

A shower kit allows you to convert your existing bathtub into a walk-in shower. As with our door kits, the installation is simple and will take only a few hours with no changes needed to your existing bathroom layout or plumbing.


Shower kits are specifically for individuals who lack the mobility to lower themselves into the tub. Some individuals may also prefer the shower experience but still require the convenience of a lower tub wall to step over.


Because shower kits do not come with a water-tight door, when installed, they are to be used exclusively for showering.


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