You want a tub that lasts years — we build tubs, showers, and conversion kits that last a lifetime

Each part that goes into a Safety Bath product is high quality; they were sourced with safety and reliability in mind. That’s why we offer the best warranty possible.

What to Know Before Buying

All Safety Bath Walk-in Tubs automatically come with a lifetime limited warranty. 

“Lifetime” sounds great, but what does “limited” mean?

The warranty covers all components that break or malfunction. However, as you would expect, the warranty does not cover damage due to misuse of our products. 

In other words, don’t let the kids draw on your tub with permanent marker because we can’t cover that.

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All Components Are Covered, Including:

• Manufacturer defects
• Acrylic shells
• Stainless steel frames
• Aluminum door and frame
• High-flow faucets and shower wands
• Optional add-ons from Safety
• Bath Walk-in Tubs
• PVC drains

What's Not Covered:

• Damage due to misuse of products

Register Your Tub

Once you’ve made a purchase you’ll need to register your bathtub, shower, or conversion kit with us. This lets us activate your warranty and protect your purchase. 

To qualify for our lifetime limited warranty, please fill out the form below or call 1-877-826-6666 to register your Safety Bath walk-in tub, barrier-free shower, or conversion kit.

How to Make a Warranty Claim

So you’ve made a purchase and activated your warranty — what happens if something does stop working the way it should? We’re proud of our products, so if something goes wrong, we want to help you fix it as quickly and easily as possible. To submit a claim, click here to fill out a claim form.  Alternatively, you can email customerservice (at) and explain your situation.

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