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Safety Bath Walk-In Tubs in St. Johns

We recognize the importance of providing accessible and worry-free bathing solutions. When our company’s founder witnessed his father risking his safety while bathing at home, he knew there needed to be a better solution. We’ve been manufacturing walk-in tubs since 1992. Since then, our mission has been to offer top-quality walk-in tubs that elevate the bathing experience and prioritize safety, comfort, and independence. Our bathtubs make bathing more accessible for seniors and people with limited mobility. We’re proud to work with trusted dealers of walk-in tubs in St Johns, and we also ship our tubs worldwide from our warehouse right here in Canada.


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Peace of Mind

Our Tubs Prioritize Safety

With seven different walk-in tub models available in St. Johns as well as a barrier-free shower and tub conversion kits, we have a solution for every bathroom and budget. Our local dealer can help you decide on details like whether you need an inward- or outward-swinging door and which model is right for you. We have large tubs for extra comfort and smaller tubs to fit in smaller spaces.


All of our tubs feature innovative features like a 2” quick drain, a high flow faucet for fast filling, and a durable aluminum door with our proprietary auto-locking door latching system. Our products are certified by CSA and conform to ANSI, UL and IAPMO industry standards.


Then there’s the add-ons! You can add options like heated water jets, warm air jets, chromotherapy, and more. These add-ons amplify every bath into a spa-like experience and offer you benefits like softer skin, relaxed muscles, and improved circulation.

Comprehensive Knowledge

We can help you find the perfect solution for your needs, provide guidance and connect you with the best dealer in your area.


Talk to your local dealer of walk-in tubs in St. Johns about installation. They can help you coordinate the install, which can be done in less than a day!

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Our limited lifetime warranty is available for all tub and shower models and covers any manufacturer defect. Our jetting components also have a five year warranty.

Asembled in Canada

We source components locally when possible and our products are proudly assembled in Canada.
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We’ve sold hundreds of accessible bathtubs to customers across Newfoundland who love easier and more enjoyable bathing. Additionally, we can assist you in finding a local dealer and will gladly answer any questions you may have. You can also purchase our products directly from our website. Contact us for more information.

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