How to Find an Installer for Your Walk-in Tub

How to Find an Installer for Your Walk-in Tub

Deciding on a walk-in tub can take a long time. That’s expected—it’s a big purchase so you’ll want to make sure it’s the right tub for your mobility needs and your bathroom. But once you’ve made a decision, you’re not quite finished; you may need to find someone to install your walk-in tub, as well.

The Average Cost to Get a Walk-in Tub Installed

Installation costs are not typically included in quotes for walk-in tubs. Unless the company you’re purchasing from specifically says so, assume you’ll have to pay a contractor or plumbing company to install your accessible bathtub.

Installation prices vary depending on where you live and the scope of work that you need done. For example, a plumber may need to upgrade some of your plumbing before installing your new tub. Generally (here in Lethbridge) a basic install starts at $1800 CAD and can go up from there.

Do I Need to Hire A Professional to Install My Accessible Tub?

Unless you’re a plumber or contractor, yes you need to hire a professional. It’s a different process than a regular bathtub because of all the possible add-ons as well as the quick drain capability and high-flow taps. A professional will find out if your current plumbing can handle the tub or if you need upgrades first. They will also make sure your tub is set up properly, avoiding any installation malfunctions that someone without experience might miss.

An important note is that this is opposed to our Conversion Kit which can often be installed by the purchaser or a handy friend with our DIY Instructions. It’s simply a modification to your current tub, so there’s no plumbing work involved.

3 Tips to Find a Walk-in Tub Installer

#1: Ask for A Recommendation

We’re a walk-in tub manufacturing company. We assemble our tubs here in Lethbridge, Alberta and have many dealers across Canada and the US who can help you figure out which bathtub is right for you. You can find our products in lots of medical supply stores and plumbing shops. Some of these shops will provide installation services, but others don’t.

If not, they often have connections in their city for installers they recommend. If you’re not sure who’s going to install your tub, just ask us or the store you bought it from for a recommendation.

#2: Read Reviews for Installers

In addition to selling walk-in tubs through stores across Canada and the US, we also sell our tubs online and ship them directly to homes. For this wide shipping area, we simply don’t have the same connections that a local medical supply company may have in their own city.

To find a local installer when you buy directly from us, we recommend reading reviews for your local plumbing companies and contractors.

A review for Bramac Plumbing & Heating, a Safety Bath dealer in Nova Scotia

You can see reviews when you search for companies near you on Google. You should be able to see their overall rating, as well. People often leave reviews on Facebook too, so check their Facebook page, as well.

These reviews probably won’t mention walk-in tub installations, but don’t worry. You can still get a good idea of how the company treats their customers.

Any reputable plumber should be able to install a walk-in tub even without previous experience with accessible bathtubs. Yes, they need to be aware of specific features and how they suit your home’s current plumbing, but they are trained to check these specifications and work with them.

#3: Compare Quotes From Installers

If we don’t have a recommended dealer in your area, we advise you to reach out to three reputable plumbers or contractors and ask them for quotes. 

When you request your quotes, make sure to include the full details of the work you want completed. This helps the company create an accurate quote and helps to avoid added costs.

From these quotes, you can compare pricing as well as customer service to make your decision.

Choosing an installer for an accessible bathtub may seem like a minor task, but it’s a decision that’s definitely worth your consideration. Some companies have much better reputations than others and are known for professional, reliable work. We would hate for any of our customers to come across problems with their walk-in tubs due to poor installation practices, but it does happen.

To find a reputable walk-in tub installer, we recommend asking your dealer for suggestions, reading reviews, and comparing quotes.

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